I hope this question is not too dumb. The context comes from Spirited Away:

Mother father and daughter arrive at some empty food stand

(Fater) すみませーん、どなたかいませんかー?

(Mother) 千尋{ちひろ}もおいで、おいしそうよ。

(Father) すいませーん!

(Mother) いいわよ、そのうち来たらお金払えばいいんだから。

(Father) そうだな。そっちにいいやつが… (looking at food)


(Chihiro) ねぇ帰ろ、お店の人に怒られるよ。

(Father) 大丈夫、お父さんがついてるんだから。カードも財布も持ってるし。


I can't really grasp the sense of that ついてる at the end of the dialogue. Initially I simply thought it referred to the card and wallet cited in the second sentence, but I don't really think this works since there's that し. On jisho.org I found these possible meanings:

  1. to be settled; to be resolved

  2. to side with (I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with this one but you never know)

Could number 1 actually be the answer? I feel like it may be, but I can't really grasp the usage and I'm finding it difficult searching example sentences for this exact meaning of the verb.

Thank you.

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This is just sense 3 of 付く — i.e. "to be together with". So the last two lines of dialogue might be translated as follows:

(Chihiro) ねぇ帰ろ、お店の人に怒られるよ。
Hey dad, let's go... the people in the shop are gonna get angry at us.
(Father) 大丈夫、お父さんがついてるんだから。カードも財布も持ってるし。
Don't worry, dad will be right here with you. I've got my credit card and my wallet anyway.

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    For OP: With this definition come the verbs ついていく and ついてくる meaning "to go/come (accompanying) along with".
    – istrasci
    Feb 9, 2023 at 22:20
  • Now that I think about I think I had that meaning in my mind somewhere from previous experience but too bad it didn't come to surface at the right time. Thank you! Feb 10, 2023 at 9:37
  • May I also ask you how do you get a newline without formatting a whole new comment, like I did? If I just hit newline in the same comment the preview would just show the new line concatenated on the same line. Feb 10, 2023 at 9:38
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    @GianniTrattore from the formatting help, you can end the line with 2 spaces to allow linebreak on the post :)
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