My boss is leaving soon after years of service. What would be a good way for me to express my gratitude for all of his guidance and help?

I am somewhat familiar with the expression お世話になりました but am unsure if this is an appropriate occasion to use it. Are there other phrases that would be more suitable in a corporate environment?

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    Don't forget to add ありがとうございました like... 長い間、(いろいろと)お世話になって(orなりまして)、(本当に)ありがとうございました ^^
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    Commented Dec 26, 2012 at 17:27

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I would say the expression お世話になりました is spot on. Especially since you are trying to express gratitude for guidance, which is contained in the word 世話 "looking after; help; aid; assistance". Moreover, お世話になりました is formal and certainly suitable for a corporate environment. To adapt it to your situation, you could say, e.g.


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