I am trying to read GJ部 and I've come across this:

紫音さんの細い指が喉元で動く。 三人の手が三人とも違っていることに、軽い驚きがあった。

I think this sentence means something like "Shion-san's thin fingers moves around his neck. He was slightly surprised at how different each of the three girls' hands feel", but I don't really understand what ことに is doing in this case.

Context: This guy couldn't tie his tie so 3 girls offered to help him, the first two also tied it wrong and while the third girl was trying to tie it the narrator said this.

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This こと is a nominalizer, "(the fact) that ...". This に is a particle used with 驚き. ~に驚く is a common set phrase meaning "to be surprised at ~". See also: に in コントロールに苦しまなくなった

A literal translation is "There was a mild surprise at the fact that three hands were all different".

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