I encounter “いくら” in combination with “とはいえ” so often that I'm fairly certain these have some kind of fixed meaning together but I can find very little about it on the internet and all I can find is in Japanese which explains the literal grammatical but since it's intended for Japanese people it doesn't really explain the nuance well.

At least, I personally would interpret segment as such as “いくら友人だとはいえ” as “Though you may very well be my friend, ” or “No matter how much you are my friend,” or something similar but I'm not sure how correct my understanding is.

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Your understanding is correct.

From 大辞泉:


So No matter how much you are my friend should be a literal enough translation.

For the particular case, いくら友人だとはいえ is essentially synonymous with 友人だとはいえ, possibly with more emphasis.

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