Do you want the hard ones or the easy ones?

  1. Just confirming that の is nomalizing 難しい (i.e. 難しいの is equivalent to 難しいのこと here)?
  2. Is the と here "and"? (As in: is this this one of those phrases where we'd use "or" in English, but the Japanese use "and")?

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  1. No, this の is a substitute for もの. 難しいもの, 難しいの and 難しいやつ are roughly the same ("difficult one(s)"), but 難しいもの is neutral to formal, 難しいの is informal, and 難しいやつ is slangy.

    Also note that 難しいのこと is ungrammatical. 難しいこと is correct.

  2. You are correct.

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