There's a sentence which I'm not sure about its meaning , hope someone can explain to me. 調子に乗るのも、いい加減に... (the character stopped near the end of the sentence, so it's hard for my JP level. I can only guess the meaning : "Even if you're over-excited, there's a limit...")

Context: MC has been turned into a kid due to an app from his smartphone (previously there's a sentence refers to Conan by the author ^^) and now he's acting like a baby, trying to demand his classmate to let him drink her breast milk (the girl is also a bro-con but she doesn't know about it)


A (the MC's classmate)「あっく、あッ、あぁッ。強くっ、吸い過ぎだ……! ハァハァッ、ちょっ、**調子に乗るのも、いい加減にィ……**くうぅん!」

口では拒絶をするものの、A はまったく抵抗しなかった。

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The sentence has しなさい/しろ omitted. That is, in full, it is 調子に乗るのもいい加減にしなさい.

Xもいい加減にしなさい is more or less a fixed pattern meaning 'Be moderate in X'. See this question for details.

So the sentence literally means 'Be moderate as regards 調子に乗る', which means something like 'Don't go too far'.

調子に乗る in general means to have too much confidence; in this case, confidence in making advance to the MC.


しなさい is omitted after いい加減に. いい加減にしなさい means "Get a life!" or "That's enough!". いい加減にして(よね) or いい加減にしろ is also okay.

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