In a context like this:

A. どうしてドアを開けましたか。


The bunpo-check keeps showing me that the よ is not correct. If it's so, why, and if it's correct, does the よ make the sentence sounds feminine?


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よ by itself is not wrong, but the part before it is wrong. In this context, you have to say 歩きたいからです(よ).

  • ~からです = It is because ~.
  • ~ですから = because it is ~, ...

よ as a sentence-end particle may or may not sound feminine depending on the type of the word it follows. よ does not sound feminine after です or だ. For details, see: how could a sentence end with (noun + "よ"?)

(からよ is a possible combination when よ is used as a filler particle, but this type of よ sounds rough and masculine, and doesn't go well with です/ます.)

Also note that you usually need an explanatory-の in the first sentence: どうしてドアを開けたのですか or どうしてドアを開けたんですか.

  • So in the first sentence, using ます form is not usual and natives tend to use the verb with です/だ? Also does よね work as a filler as well? Thanks!
    – Ken
    Jan 11 at 13:06

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