Rui: それで——みんな、(ショーは)どうだい? 軽くとおしてやってみたけれど

Tsukasa: うむ! 申し分ないと思うぞ! シチュエーションも場所に合っているしな

Nene: 配役も、今やったので良かったと思う

I can understand each word's meaning, but I'm a little confused as to what to make of the sentence. I get that Nene is adding to what Tsukasa said by mentioning the casting, but it's that last bit that confuses me. Is she saying that this play is a good idea because of the casting?

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The の is a (formal) noun, or (形式)名詞. You can rephrase 今やったの as 今やったもの, literally "the one that (we) just did". (Using の sounds more colloquial than using もの.)

To break it down to smaller chunks,

配役も、 -- Also speaking of the casting,
今やったの -- the one that we just did
~でよかった -- was fine
と思う -- I think

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