What's the difference between [心臓]{しん・ぞう} and [心]{こころ}—both seem to mean "heart".

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心臓 refers to the organ and 心 to emotions and feelings.

I took the following from プログレッシブ英和中辞典.


heart problems 心臓病

My heart stood still. (驚いて)心臓が一瞬止まった


have a kind [tender, gentle] heart 優しい心をしている

a heart of gold [stone] 優しい[冷酷な]心

a change of heart 心がわり

My heart goes out to you. 心から同情します

I loved him with all my heart and soul. 心の底から彼を愛した

Note that 心臓 also has a figurative sense as in Xの心臓部, meaning the most important part/center of X.


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