During my dictionary search of the word "資本主義" I found this definition:


The thing is that I do understand the whole meaning, however I'm pretty stuck concerning "商品経済の広範な発達を前提に".

  1. Does "商品経済の広範な発達" mean "it's a wide development" (as in a big development of one area)

  2. Or "it's a wide development" (as in a development that covers a big area)

And also, does the "前提" mean a precondition to realize what is written in the whole sentence or a postcondition (meaning as a result of hiring people and pursuing profit etc...)

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The sentence is a little vague, but it should be close to 2. 広範 literally means 広い範囲で=in wide range, so it means the development happens all across the area.

As for Aを前提に, it means that A is a precondition: assuming A, or in this case with A as background.

The structure of the sentence and a literal transaltion:

  • (Aを前提に、(...)動く)経済体制
  • a system of economy that functions .... with A as precondition.
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