How to say "this way" in Japanese?

I know の様に which means "such as something" (子供の様に "like a child"), and also この様 "such" (この様なホテル "such hotel").

But I would like to know how to say "this way", for instance "we don't say it this way". I suppose it is この方, but I am not sure.

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Literally, we don't say it this way translates to

  • このようには言わない
  • こういう風{ふう}には言わない

Both are fine, but I think it is more common to use

  • こういう言い方{かた}はしない

which literally means We don't do this way of saying (it).

Note that if you are pointing out error/unnaturalness in conversation (referring to the interlocutor's expresion), そういう言い方 would be appropriate.

Other uses of this way require different translations.

  • This way, please. こちらへどうぞ
  • Go this way. この道を行きなさい.
  • You might also hear こんなに, which has a similar meaning.
    – BigRigz
    Nov 21, 2022 at 19:38

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