From Quintessential Quintuplets (Season2,ep.3,12:00)

これが俺のすくい取れなかった 姉妹を大切にするが故の 二乃の心理…

What does すくいとる mean in this sentence?

If I were to try to translate:

This is what I failed to understand(?). The state of Nino's mind because of her need to look after her sisters...

I found this:

and both of the definitions kind of make sense but not really. I don't know if I found the right word.

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Yes, it is correct to understand '掬い取る' as 'understand'.

It is すくう + とる, and すくう is largely synonymous to くむ, both meaning 'holding up liquid by an apparatus or hands' (so literally, it is close to grasp).

And くみとる has the more explicit meaning as follows:

2 相手の心情や事情を推し量る。理解する。「先方の意図を―・る」

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