The lyrics to 魅惑劇 by ALI PROJECT contain the following fragment:


I would take the bolded 閉じ to be either continuative or a nominalization, except in the first case there isn't any verb that the sentence/statement could continue onto (is it perhaps just an artistic omission?) and as for the second I haven't really encountered 閉じ used to mean 閉じること searching around on the web. I'm also not sure whether it could be used with を in such a case.
Is it one of the things listed or something else entirely? What nuance does it carry?

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It is continuative, i.e., so-called 連用中止 (e.g. here). A general effect is usually explained as '余韻を残す' (giving an impression/aftereffect), but here I suppose it can be considered simply for connecting to the third line.

A reason should be metric. Note that the first and the second line use the same number of syllables (hiraganas).

叶わぬ願いは (8) 過去のもの (5)
愛する痛みは (8) 傷を閉じ (5)

Looking at the lyrics, other parts seem to have a distinct pattern for the number of syllables as well (I didn't count, so could be wrong).

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