I'm currently translating the Japanese versions of some Final Fantasy songs. I found the compound verb "繋ぎ合えた" in the song "Yakusoku no Basho" from FFXIII-2 as a relative clause, but the many websites I've checked for a definition came up empty. The closest I found to it is "繋ぎ合わせる."

Is 繋ぎ合う translated as "connect to/with each other," or is it the same as 繋ぐ- "to connect, join, link," etc.? Then does 繋ぎあえた 想いは永遠だから mean something like "Because the feelings that could connect each other are eternal"? I don't know if the "each other" part is necessary here since connecting already means bringing things together.

For proper context, here's the complete lyric:

愛よ どうか連れていって 約束の場所へ

I'm having trouble since I don't see the past potential form used much. Some translations of the form I've seen either go as "was able to" or "could/could've," but I've also seen some translations where it's treated like the regular past tense form.



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