I have difficulty deciphering the meaning and structure of the bold sentence below


This sentence contains lots of commas so it looks like there are multiple smaller sentences combined into one. I'm uncertain about the が after 春かもめ. It marks subject for what?

Also, I don't understand the meaning of 白点 here.

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    Assuming you have copied it correctly, I think this is an intentional anacoluthon. If you were confused and read this twice, that's the author's intent :)
    – naruto
    Nov 13, 2022 at 17:52

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It is almost like a prose poem at best, and not really parsable as a sentence.

白点 should be simply a white dot referring to the seagull or snowflake (or both even if inconsistent with ひとつ).

One possible interpretation:


Here かもめ is the subject for some missing verb modified by 曇天に白点ひとつ: A spring seagull crying sadly (flies like) a white dot in the cloudy sky.


Here both are noun phrases describing the situation: A snowflake (in the air), (there was) March wind which was still cold.

Another possibility is to consider literally かもめが as subject for 三月の風だった: A spring seagull crying sadly, (which looks like) white dot in the cloudy sky, with a snowflake, was the cold March wind.

Anyway it is a description of a scenery with seagull and snow in the cold wind.

  • Thanks, it seems like multiple other interpretation are possible.
    – Jimmy Yang
    Nov 13, 2022 at 21:14

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