1. ‎When you use そういうの you are talking about "things/living things" but also about "topics", more abstract subjects right? like, doing some sports, or talking about "this"


  • I don't have interest in this (in politics)
  • I don't have interest in this (in toys)


  • there isn't such a thing (it's not true)
  • there isn't such a thing (something doesn't exist) ?...

But would you そういうこと with an object?


  • I don't like this kind of thing (maybe a girl that doesn't like insects)

or should I use そういうのは嫌だ instead?

  1. When you use そういうこと at the of a sentence, it "usually" means that the others person's conclusion is about right and you are agreeing with them. Can I use そういうの is this same context?


  • Yeah, you're right


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