There is a sentence which I don't understand much, describing a prince who is about to become the new king. Hope someone can explain its correct meaning to me.


Previously, when a coup broke out in the kingdom, this prince didn't do anything to help and instead MC's party had neutralized the culprits behind the coup, therefore saving the kingdom and its people.

After a while, MC's group suddenly received an invitation from the royal court to a big party inside the royal palace (but they don't understand why the royal court did this since the previous King had been assassinated, and there are still lot of problems inside the Royal Court -- basically there's almost nothing to be happy about and hold a party).

One member from MC's party said this about the coward prince : 「いっちょ腑抜け面を見に行こうじゃないの」 (my guess but not sure: "Let's go to see his coward face shall we ?" because the "いっちょ/iccho/ ichhou ? part")

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いっちょ is a form of 一丁:

[名] 4 勝負事などの一回。ひと勝負。「もう―やろう」


It is an interjection for starting something. Practically it is correct to interpret it as let's go see his coward face.

  • at first i think this character is using a dialect いっちょ >> like いっしょに (isshoni/ go together)
    – 4chan user
    Commented Nov 9, 2022 at 5:10

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