I am reading 煙草と悪魔 by Akutagawa, and came across a phrase which has me stumped. The sentence reads as follows:


My current understanding of this sentence is: "The priest, with a glint in his eye, appeared content after hearing the answer."

I'm not certain what action the priest is taking two or three times (二三度).

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The action is snorting (鼻を鳴らす).

伊留満は、これを聞くと、小さな眼を輝かせて、: When the priest heard this, his small eyes lit up,

二三度、満足さうに、鼻を鳴らした。: and he snorted two or three times in satisfaction.

See the Jisho entry for 鳴らす:

1. to ring; to sound; to chime; to beat; to snort (nose); to snap (fingers); to crack (joints)​

2. to be popular; to be esteemed; to be reputed​

3. to state; to insist; to complain​

4. to fart (loudly) ​Archaism


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