Are these furigana correct?

多【おお】い日【ひ】で [1日]【いちにち】 に [10袋]【じっぷくろ】 以上【いじょう】出【で】ますので、約【やく】 [100]【ひゃく】 [kg]【キログラム】 程度【ていど】出【で】ます

On a typical day, we produce more than 10 bags (of bread crusts) a day, which is about 100 kg.

I found the sentence here:


Counters are challenging; I once asked a similar question here:


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    Not relevant to the question, but the subject of 10袋以上出る should be considered as 廃棄. So it means waste is more than 10 bags/day, which is roughly 100kg.
    – sundowner
    Oct 12, 2022 at 9:58

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  • "100kg" is not ひゃくキログラム but ひゃっキログラム (or just ひゃっキロ when there's no room for confusion). ひゃく becomes ひゃっ before the K and P consonants. Likewise, 100回 is ひゃっかい and 100本 is ひゃっぽん (but 100人 is ひゃくにん and 100円 is ひゃくえん).
  • Prescriptively speaking, じっぷくろ is correct, but じゅっぷくろ is more common. じゅう becomes じゅっ/じっ before K and P.

Other furigana are correct.


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