I was a little confused about the meaning of "ということなのです" in this sentence:


I have found this definition in a Japanese dictionary:

2 話し手が他者の心を推測して、断定的に述べる意を表す。「結局われわれは信用されていない—◦だ」

But like I said, I still don't know the exact meaning. Is it like "to conclude a point"? Or "to affirm something"?


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I think the sentence is a little bit weird or childish since there's no punctuation and the word choice is too casual. I don't think this sentence is written by a Japanese who has enough educational background. Aside from that, in this sentence "っていうことなんだよね。"can be divided into "っていうことなんだ"+"よね”. As you have mentioned "っていうことなんだ" is often used when someone conclude or rephrase what s/he has said. For example, " 彼女はカレーとキムチが好きなんだ。つまり辛い物が大好きっていうことなんだ。". And the "よね" is used when someone wants to seek empathy for what s/he has said.

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