I've read many pictures on Bing about the Japanese Morse Code and the Radiotelephony Alphabet, but none of them seem to mention small letters.

Is there a way to distinguish between small letters and normal sized letters in Morse and the Radiotelephony Alphabet? If so, How should I do that?

By the way, How should the "long vowel dash" be pronounced? What about odoriji?

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From Wikipedia/モールス符号#和文モールス符号


So generally there is no code for small letters and just use the 'large' ones.

As for ー,

長音「ー」 ・--・-

I suppose symbols other than those listed in the above page are not commonly used.

Google input does support small letters.

「っ」や「ゃゅょ」のような促音・拗音は、従来の和文モールス符号ではサポートされていませんが、Google 日本語入力モールスバージョンでは、大きい「つ」や「やゆよ」の後に半濁点符号・・--・を打つことで、促音・拗音を入力することができます。

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