What does 会えて mean?


Looks like that 会えて is a some form of 会う (to meet), but the question is, what form? Jisho doesn't recognise the word “会えて”.

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It's the te-form of 会える, which is the potential form of 会う. The potential form by itself conjugates like an ichidan verb.

  • 会う to meet
  • 会える can meet
  • 会えて te-form of 会える

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It's the potential form, meaning "can meet" or "is able to meet".

See here for a reference on the conjugation. It states:

U-verbs: replace the final "~u" with "~eru".

So, where "また会って嬉しいよ。" means "It was great to see you again.", "また会えて嬉しいよ。" has more of a nuance of "It was great to have the opportunity to see you again."

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