I was listening to bilingual news and was wondering what 危うくなってきた would mean in this context.

Micheal: Should I care about celebrities’ birthdays?
Mami: No.
Michael: Okay.
Mami: Well, especially if you don’t even know who they are.
Michael: Yeah. It’s, it’s absolutely out of control.
Mami: Like, even, celebrities というか、YouTubersとかもっとわかんないし、普通のなんか Hollywood actors and actresses ももうちょっと危うくなってきた、若い、若者たちは。

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One sense of 危うい broadly means that something is "(dangerously) weak". What is weak depends on the context - it could be structural integrity of a building, or understanding of something (that you are expected to understand).

The highlighted sentence in the question can be clarified like this with a few more words:


This can be inferred from the fact the two discuss how much they (don't) know about those people.

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