This is the prologue to a video game. Below are the official subtitles in the NTSC-U release.

"However, there are only a few scholars in the world who believe this."

Clair: "You must be one of those scholars then, professor."

Koji: "Actually, this idea is not even accepted as theory."

Running the last sentence through google translate without 少数派どころか、gives:

学説扱いされていない。- It is not treated as theory.


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"AどころかB" has two different usages:

  1. Quite contrary to A, (the fact is) B; Far from A, (it's) B
    (B is the opposite of A)
    • その本は安いどころか、3万円もした。
    • 彼は英語が苦手どころか、英語の弁論大会で優勝経験がある。
    • 詳しく知っているどころか、名前を聞いたことすらない。
  2. Not (just) A but even B; Even A is an understatement, (the fact is) B
    (B is an extreme version of A)
    • その本は安いどころか、たったの1円だった。
    • 彼は英語が苦手どころか、アルファベットすら書けない。
    • 詳しく知らないどころか、名前を聞いたことすらない。
    • 詳しく知っているどころか、その人は私の妻ですよ。

Either way, B has to be something surprising.

As you can see in this question, the "traditional" usage is 1. Some learning resources mention only the first usage. However, the second usage is not uncommon, and at least this page and this page explain both usages.

In your example, the second usage is intended. Being 少数派 is already bad, but the fact (学説扱いされていない) is even worse.

Calling it a minority opinion is not enough; it's not even recognized as a theory.

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