What is the function of し here?


How does it differ from


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This し is the masu-stem (or continuative-form) of する. masu-stem + 始める means "to start V-ing". For example, 食べ始める means "to start eating", 見始める means "to start watching", and 運転し始める means "to start driving".

日本語を勉強始めたきっかけ is simply ungrammatical because 勉強 is not marked with a particle, and を cannot be an omitted particle because を is already used before 勉強 (日本語を勉強をする is wrong).

So here's the summary:

without 始める with 始める
勉強 as a suru-verb 日本語を勉強する
to study Japanese
to start studying Japanese
勉強 as a noun 日本語の勉強をする
to do study of Japanese
to start study of Japanese

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