When reading, I met this expression which describes the looting of an enemy country, by the MC's kingdom/territory. Many thanks to anyone who can explain the correct meaning to me.


My guess is "...they tried their best to loot/rob from other kingdoms/nations". But I'm not sure.

Full sentence:


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Literally Xの限りを尽くす means to do X to the extreme/to the highest degree. Practically, it is an expression to emphasize the degree of X.

略奪の限りを尽くす is almost a set phrase, it means to rob/rip off (someone) mercilessly or to take whatever they want in the particular context.

Similar usage:

  • 暴虐の限りを尽くす to behave violently in the worst possible way.
  • 飽食の限りを尽くす to eat every possible gorgeous food/to enjoy a variety of gourmet meals

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