For example, https://myoji-yurai.net says

1500 people with Family Name Takumi(https://myoji-yurai.net/searchResult.htm?myojiKanji=内匠) 4600 people with Family name Kaneki (https://myoji-yurai.net/searchResult.htm?myojiKanji=金木)

Is this right? Found it surprising. Does Takumi Sound Weird As A Family Name? I thought Kaneki was a made up anime name.

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    – jogloran

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It sounds about right. 1,500-4,500 is not a big number considering the population of Japan (over 100 million). There are famous people with those surnames.

Note also that that website seems to classify names by their written forms, not pronunciations. Both 内匠 and 金木 can have other readings that are not Takumi and Kaneki. (Conversely, Takumi and Kaneki can be spelled differently.)

  • Ahh yes, the other spellings are still pronounced the same sometimes so that would increase the numbers a little bit. Thanks for clarifying :) Aug 4 at 21:04
  • @OliverGardner all of the provided readings for 内匠 and 金木 would sound different, so I don't think that would mean there are more Takumi's and Kaneki's than what you see for the cumulative number. To me it can only mean there are fewer.
    – Leebo
    Aug 4 at 21:44

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