The following are some song lyrics

あなたが望むなら この胸を射通して

What's the difference between




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You have to use ~するのを望む or ~することを望む when the wish itself is that verb. ~して望む means something different.

  • あなたが望むなら この胸を射通して
    If you wish (it), shoot through this heart!
    (Shooting is a request; the wish can be either shooting or something different)
  • あなたがこの胸を射通すの(を)望むなら
    If you wish to shoot through this heart...
    (を is omitted after の; shooting is the wish itself)
  • あなたがこの胸を射通して望むなら
    If you wish it penetrating through this heart...
    (Shooting is a method of making the wish, and the wish itself is something different)

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