When reading, I met this expression about a smile, but not sure what does it means here (warm smile / gentle smile ??)

Much thanks if anyone can explain its meaning to me o/

A はほんわりとした笑顔を浮かべ、上機嫌な様子。

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A bit surprisingly 大辞泉 doesn't have an entry for ほんわり, but the following two may help

  • ふんわり : 柔らかくふくらんださま。「―と仕上がったパン」 (linked is ふわり, ふんわり is an emphatic ver)
  • ほんわか:心がなごんで、気持ちのよいさま。

ほんわりとした笑顔 means a mix of the above: relaxed, soft-looking, feeling warmth. Typical situations that come to my mind are when one is taking a bath or having a cup of tea.

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