Context : MC came to the school's drama club room ,then she saw her senpai is already there before her ,and playing with a pencil in her hand. Then she's describing her impression about her senpai from behind

その背中はどこか浮ついているように見えた。 (my guess but not sure: "..But looking at her back from behind , I feel like her head is floating in the cloud somewhere.")

Appreciate if someone can help me understand correctly this part .









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浮つく is different from 浮く.


It means to be restless, buoyant, in high spirits.

So the latter part of the sentence literally says Her back looked somewhat in high spirits. Simply put, it says she radiates happiness in such a way that it is recognizable even from behind.

  • my jp spider sense was right lol , so basically her senpai is drawing a stage design for the club's next drama performance ,and then she's too motivated with that to the point when MC speaks to her in the next line ,she's startled because did not notice about MC's arrival in the drama club's room.
    – 4chan user
    Jul 12, 2022 at 22:41

浮つく(うわつく)(interchangeable with 上付く)

気がうきうきしておちつかない。また、軽薄な感じがする。 (From kojien dictionary 広辞苑)

Definition: ①軽薄 to be inconstant, to be frivolous. ②うきうきして落ち着かない feeling restless

This verb is composed from 浮く It means literally “to float” So,浮つく contains “not stable” like this meaning implicitly.

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