Context: MC can't believe that his favorite character in the mobile game, which he has been playing, is real. He is going to buy a new smartphone in a smartphone shop, to replace his broken one and participate in a gacha event. Then he saw a cosplayer inside the shop, which is really looked like her, and he thought that's just a cosplayer working in the smartphone shop, which he went in to buy a new phone


Much thanks if anyone can explain to me the meaning of this sentence, and some grammar being used here o/

More context below:


Lilia「ちょうどマスターのスマホが壊れて、このままもうゲームをプレイしてくれないと思ったから……」(his favorite character in a mobile game (gacha?)

まだ話してもいないのに壊れたスマホの事を知っているとはっ! もしかして、なりきってる残念な……じゃなくて本物のレイヤーか?





My guess but not sure based on context "If she's not her then it's unfortunate .... Then she's a cosplayer ?"


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Here 残念な means not "unfortunate" but something like "disappointing", "pathetic", "unsatisfactory", "poor" or "trying hard but useless". 残念な(人) in this context refers to an embarrassing/pathetic person who is behaving like Lilia.

Maybe she is not a (mere) pathetic person but a true (professional) cosplayer (behaving like Lilia)?

So MC initially thought she was just a strange person wearing a strange costume in a smartphone shop. Then he changed his mind and started to think she is a capable professional (because she spoke exactly like Lilia and even knew his smartphone was broken).

  • oh so he thinks that this girl might be a 残念な(人) ? Or 残念な(レイヤ) ? I'm not sure about the part he's about to say , but then changed his mind
    – 4chan user
    Jul 11, 2022 at 13:13
  • @casualreader I don't think that makes any difference in this context.
    – naruto
    Jul 11, 2022 at 14:40

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