The line comes from a short exchange in a game. The character is surprised seeing the protagonist walk into a practice room that he's been using, and later says the following:


which i understand as an assertion that the room is supposed to be booked for him (for the rest of the day, perhaps? The みっちり is tripping me up a bit), but what is the meaning of "しよう" here and how does it connect to the rest of the sentence grammatically? Is it a する conjugation or a totally different word?

  • @Angelos It definitely says だしよう in the text, but if that's the case perhaps it's a typo?
    – Kisiel
    Jul 4, 2022 at 9:29

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If the character speaks roughly, it is likely to be だ+し+よう, where

  • だ is the auxiliary verb for assertion
  • is a particle indicating reason (def #3)
  • よう is a prolonged version of , ending particle for emphasis.

Your interpretation should be correct.

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