In English, the noun "concrete" can be used as an adjective to describe other nouns. This usage implies something like "physical", "tangible", "legitimate", or perhaps "consistent". Are there examples of this in Japanese? Beyond just the exact expression: what are words I can use to express the idea that something is "concrete"? Are there words that convey something being more physical, tangible, legitimate, or consistent?

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    I think you are looking for 具体的
    – Jimmy Yang
    Jun 30, 2022 at 22:37

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This English adjective has several meanings. The correct Japanese translation depends on the intended meaning:

  1. concrete (as opposed to wooden, metallic, etc.): コンクリートの

    concrete walls

  2. concrete (as opposed to abstract, vague): 具体的な

    a concrete proposal

  3. concrete (as opposed to intangible, imaginary): 形がある・有形の・実体がある

    concrete objects like stones

  4. concrete (in programming contexts): 具象

    an interface and a concrete class that implements it

If you want to say something like "consistent and legitimate (opinion/explanation)", しっかりした意見/説明 can be used, too.

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