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How do you read these kanji 年々?

(I am just making sure that I understood.)

In the following sentence, 年々 is read【ねんねん】, correct?


The selection of school bags for children about to enter elementary school is becoming more and more heated every year.


  • へ~ うちの近所の小学生はみんなランリュックですわ
    – chocolate
    Jun 30, 2022 at 15:19

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Yes, it is ねんねん.

As an additional comment, ねんねん is the more common in the first place. And you can most probably always read 年々 as ねんねん if it is not followed by particles.

A example of 年々{としどし} is like:

  • 収入はその年年で変わる The income changes each year.

which could be 収入は年年{としどし}変わる with some elements dropped.

Generally ねんねん is used when referring to monotone change (usually increase/decrease) whereas としどし is for fluctuations. Possibly comparable to English year by year vs from year to year.

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