Context: The title of This video by Megwin.

The title of the video is:


The second part is confusing me.
Too many kanji in a row for me. I understand it's probably a name, but google gave no results and I have no idea how to even try translating it or searching for it's reading.


Perhaps because it is a title, there is high degree of omission.

The full sentence could be 急停止する集団が[巣鴨]{すがも}に現れる。It means "flash mob appears at 巣鴨(a place in Japan)".

Probably worth noting is that "flash mob" is not a one-to-one translation of "急停止集団", but it gets the meaning across. 急停止 would mean "sudden stop" and 急停止集団 would be "a group of people that stops suddenly".

  • Ohh I see. This makes perfect sense now. I guess being able to seperate the kanji into words like that in your mind is a matter of experience huh... Thank you!
    – Nescio
    Nov 20 '12 at 11:01

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