So, today I read some information about the Japanese language but I don't know the real source of it, it says that Japanese instead of saying "do you want to drink this lemon juice?" they say 'do you want?" and the other person understand what they mean, or they use their head or hands to gesture it.. is it true?

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    I'm not sure how this is different in any notable way from any other linguistic communities. In English, for instance, one could just as well say "want it?", or use one's head or hands to gesture to the item. As with anything involving language, context is key. Jun 20 at 17:48
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    It is true that word omission tends to happen more aggressively in Japanese, but what you read seems to be a highly misleading explanation. It could be an irresponsible article written by someone who doesn't actually speak Japanese. If anything, Japanese people use gestures less often than Western people do.
    – naruto
    Jun 21 at 1:06


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