I saw someone write 幸運はことに, how would you translate this to English?


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The ことに is used to emphasis the na-adjective or na-adjective before it. The 幸運 means luck/luckly and with ことに followed, the meaning of th is phrase can be explained as something like 'It's lucky that ...'.

  • 質問に "What does ことに mean when combined with 幸運 (good luck)?" "how would you translate this to English?" って書いてありますけど
    – Chocolate
    Jun 18 at 15:29
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    I am so sorry for my poor english skill. I will edit my answer later.
    – Sound
    Jun 19 at 4:53
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    Thank u so much for reminding me of my misunderstanding.
    – Sound
    Jun 19 at 5:03

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