I found this line while watching an anime and can't I don't know what word to look for in the dictionary for it


What does 「他にやたら」mean in this sentence?

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Please always include as much context as you possibly can and make sure to include a source too if you can find it online. I did it for you. From 劇場版「紅伝説」



It should be parsed like this:


where やたら is an adverb meaning "very", "pretty", "darn", etc. and describing a high degree to which the following adjective applies to the modified noun. This seems to be a pretty colloquial usage because although I hear and see it pretty commonly, I can't seem to find a clear dictionary definition. デジタル大辞泉 may give us a clue: めちゃくちゃ

The sentence in question thus means:

ゆんゆん: Le, let me introduce you to some people. This is a mere newbie adventurer, a guy. And this is the archpriest, a girl. There is another darn strong girl who is not here at the moment.

Let's see some other examples:

Darn sturdy gates

enter image description here

When playing a game, have you ever encountered a darn strong enemy that makes you wonder if you are supposed to lose to that character but when you actually lose it's game over?


「他に」の意味は「something else」

「矢鱈」(やたら)の意味は「very much (an adverb)」

そして「ほかにやら」意味は「what's more, there is something else very very....」


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