I came across this episode and I have no idea how to make sense of it

感謝こそすれども 恨むようなことはありません!

What does 「すれども」mean exactly in this sentence?

I also thought I knew what 「こそ」meant but this sentence is kind of making me double take.


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The pattern is Xこそすれ(ども)Y(するようなこと)はない. A form closer to modern colloquialism is XすることはあってもYすることはない, which literally means (subj.) could/may well do X, but never Y. こそ is for emphasis. So it emphasize the possibility of X, and denying that of Y.


  • 感謝こそすれども 恨むようなことはありません I may well thank you, and never hate you (for that).
  • 税金は上がりこそすれ、下がることはない。 Taxes always rise, but never gets reduced.

It seems to be one of N1 grammar, e.g. this.

A dictionary entry for こそすれ:



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