I always hear 意味: いみ{HL} and 意味的に: いみてきに{LHHHH}. And I'm under the impression 的に heibanfies words.

I think I hear 意味的に いみてきに{HLLLL} here, and wonder why. This guy seems to be a native speaking professional Japanese teacher, which makes it all the more puzzling.

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This is いみてきに\は, you are just misinterpreting it. Learners often hear ghost accents when speakers add "tension" into their voice, like is being done here.

Basically, since there is so much tension coming from the emphasis he is putting on the phrase (i.e., he starts the phrase very very high in his vocal range, with his vocal chords tensed), it would be physically difficult for him to exactly maintain the same pitch throughout the word, let alone do a clean LHHHHL (and it would sound very weird if he did somehow manage to do this so high in his vocal range), so it naturally goes down in a few spots before the accent, but they do not sound like accents, it's just release of tension.


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