The first two lines of Error by GARNiDELiA are



I'm fairly confident it means, "Looking at (you) like something broken- everyone says it's strange." This would make it fit the tone of the rest of the song.

But I'm really having trouble piecing together this sentence. If it was:



It would make sense to me. I've looked a lot online for an example of ように being used in the way in this song but I'm not finding anything beyond XがV-たように meaning "As X did V." But that's in the past tense.

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It would be most reasonable to understand it as


which is closer to your interpretation (except who is being looked at). The subject is everybody, so that it means Looking at me as if they were looking at broken things, everybody says it is a strange thing. Here what is described as strange is the speaker's ideas, behavior, etc.


would mean Looking at (something) as if it were broken and the second line would mean that is the strange thing.

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