From the beginning of 銀河英雄伝説1


I have trouble understanding how であるだけに works in the last sentence. I assume the basic structure of the last sentence is「AあとであるだけにB」. It is similar to「AあとB」which means "After A happened, B happens." But what nuance does であるだけに add after あと? Does it imply B happens only because A happened?

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The だけに is used in the sense that


So the last sentence means

  • Because (2801 was) after wars and disorder in 2700s stagnated human expansion,
  • the ほとばしる energy was all the more explosive

(bold corresponds to あとであるだけに)

  • Ah thanks! I missed the "2801 was" part which caught me off guard.
    – Jimmy Yang
    2 days ago

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