I failed the last time I took the test, so I am looking to brush up. There seem to be a lot of repeats among terms?

a) What is the difference between dano and toka? Also nari? They all seem to mean the same thing.

b) Mono de and kara? (used in the context of because)

c) Yougamai seems similar to darou to? Are they interchangeable?

d) ya inaya form seems similar to ga hayai ka? Also nari (just as something is done)

e) Kanete and gatera - same? Also, katagata?

f) ni atte - can I use this like ni yoru? (I'm aware it has other means, but can I use it as ni yoru when applicable?)

g) Imada ni = isn't this just the same as ima demo?

h) Imagoro ni natte and Imasara tatokorode -- aren't they the same? They seem identical.

Thanks in advance!

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    Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer.
    – Community Bot
    May 10 at 5:05
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    Im sorry but if your trying to take N1 without being comfortable with ひらがな no less 漢字 your in for hard time. I think the simple answer to your questions is: No, they're not all the same. There is a lot of nuance in all these things and you will have to tease that out when you take the N1. Pick up a grammar book like 完全マスター文法 and look at the examples in there (PS: there's no romaji in there)
    – Lucas
    May 10 at 6:30
  • Try A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar, and A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar. These might help you. May 10 at 6:47
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    This is dangerously close to essentally asking us to do the test for you.
    – Angelos
    May 10 at 15:31
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    @Lucas as bad as the question might be, I don't think we should assume OP is not proficient in hiragana/kanji just because he wrote the question in romaji. This is so patronizing (particularly the "PS:" part). We don't know if he doesn't have a Japanese input method installed in his machine, if he just wrote the question in a rush, etc... Gee, I would say that sitting even N5 is just a gamble if you are not comfortable in hiragana. So, if he's aiming for N1, I would take for granted that the OP does know hiragana very well and kanji to some extent, unless stated otherwise.
    – jarmanso7
    May 10 at 15:40


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