I found the sentence: 「なんでなんだっけ…… 魔王の代替わりがどうとかいってたが……」

Context: the character is reading a newspaper that talks about an event that occurred because of the replacement of the Demon King.

I can understand the main gist of the phrase after seeing it's translation, but I can't understand the meaning of がどうとかいってたが, I searched a bit and it seems to be something, could someone explain it to me?

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どう means (some)how and とか makes the statement more vague.

A bit roundabout way to understand is to consider

  • 魔王の代替わりが関係するとか言っていた said the replacement of the Demon King was related or something

and the sentence in question does not even make explicit how the replacement of the Demon King is relevant:

  • 魔王の代替わりがどうとか言っていた said the replacement of the Demon King was X or something

More practically Aがどうとか言っていた can be seen as a set phrase meaning said something about A or said it had something to do with A. Or as a variant of Aとか何とか言っていた = said A or something, (The speaker vaguely remembers someone) said A.


どうmeans blah blah blah, or yali yali yeah. とかmeans "kind of"

So どうとか indicates kind of what someone says. Also どうとかこうとか、なんとかかんとか and うんたらかんたら have similar meanings.

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