I don't understand the function of もの in the following sentence:


The sentence makes perfect sense if I omit もの altogether, and I am not sure what is its function in the sentence. Could it be a typo?


The medicine was so bitter that I swallowed it swiftly.


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After some research in the Internet, I found out that もの is not a standalone word in the sentence above, but instead it is part of the word ものすごく, which has the same meaning than すごく but with stronger intensity:

このカボチャすごく大きい! This pumpkin is very big!

あのカボチャものすごく巨大だ!That pumpkin is huge!



もの is not a standalone word, it combines with すごく as a whole.ものすごく is an adverb form of ものすごい(物凄い), meaning that たいへんな。すごい(too much, great)

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