I recently learned the word などなど which means "etcetera", just like the good ol' など :



Judging from these examples, I feel that this is an expression only used at the end of a phrase, but I haven't been able to find more examples beyond the ones above, which come from my textbook 上級へのとびら and from this Q&A post respectively.

Is などなど indeed a phrase-ending expression or it can be used in the middle of a sentence?

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Looking at BCCWJ, your feelings are mostly right. But it is not impossible to use などなど in the middle of a sentence. A few samples:

 CD‐R, CD‐RW, DVD‐R, DVD‐RW, DVD‐RAM, MO などなど が含まれます。

「え? このゴミ、何か月分?」「え? ビールのストックがあるの?」 などなど 何でも構いません

預金がいくら以上、住宅ローン借り入れ、給与振込み、 などなど いくつかの条件を満たしていると、振込み手数料、時間外手数料全て無料になります。

などなど looks more colloquial at least when used in the middle of a sentence. Also it sounds emphasizing the number of 'others' than など (like and many others, and more).

  • Fantastic resource for looking up expressions in sentences. Thank you
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    Apr 15, 2022 at 22:18

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