I am a beginner in Japanese. Right now I am learning verbs and how to put together sentences, but I am stuck when it comes to which verb to use when there are so many subtleties for different things. I want to write a sentence to say I take off both my makeup and accessories before bed. Is it 落とす or 外す? Or is it something else? I understood 落とす was for makeup, and 外す was for accessories. But what if I am removing both of those things in the same sentence? How do I know which verb to use when those two things usually require a separate verb?

Here is the sentence I am going to write:

I take off my makeup and accessories before going to bed.

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You would need to use both.


化粧を外す would sound like you peel off your makeup like a sheet mask or something, whereas アクセサリーを落とす would mean you either accidentally or intentionally drop them.

There is a way to unify them, though, as 取る happens to work well enough for both.


But this doesn’t work too well if you take off you shoes, too. You would need to use a separate verb.


You can also say メイク for makeup.

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