Can someone explain to me what よくも色々邪魔ァしてくれたな means in this context?

MC and a girl ran away from a bunch of bandits. But after they've stopped for a while to talk, the bandit leader caught up to them and said this:

おうおう! よくも色々邪魔ァしてくれたな!

My guess "Hey hey congrats! You've made quite a lot of hindrances to us!" but I'm not sure

  • I'm not sure of the context, but why congrats? Other than that your understanding seems fine.
    – sundowner
    Apr 9 at 21:25
  • And i'm not quite understand "ouou !" too , I can understand "oi oi!" in anime means "Hey x2" .I just feel like the bandit leader's being sarcastic ,but i'm not sure Apr 9 at 21:56

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I can’t find a dictionary definition, but おうおう is a rude Heeey!. So It means Heeey, you have caused lots of inconvenience for us.

If this doesn't solve your question, more contexts would be necessary.

  • I think i will add "You had the guts" to your suggestion. And this is all the context,they're running away from the bandits who are chasing them >> the girl appears to be the leader of the town and they're having a battle with the bandits (i'm still continue reading though) Apr 13 at 4:16
  • @casualreader Another option would be to use How dare you (a common choice for よくも...したな).
    – sundowner
    Apr 13 at 7:23

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