Based on the kanji and what I gathered I'm assuming it means "smells manly" or "reeks of a man". The thing is I couldn't find any hiragana reading on the kanji and wanted to know if anyone knew how it's to be pronounced.

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It's おすくさい.

  • -くさい is a kind of suffix that attaches to various nouns. See this search result for common or idiomatic ones. This suffix is productive, and you can express "smelling of ~" by saying ~臭い. For example, 汗臭い ("smells sweaty"), 獣臭い ("smells like a beast"), トイレ臭い ("smells like a toilet"), and so on.
  • 雄 as an independent word meaning "male" is read おす. See this entry. 雄臭い typically refers to animal-like body odor of males. Without any context, I would imagine the smell one would feel in an old locker room or a sumo wrestlers' training room. 男臭い refers to the same type of smell, but 雄臭い would sound more vulgar because おす/めす is mainly used with animals.

I instinctively read it as otokokusai. If you read each kanji they would read as osu (male) and kusai (smell) but I don't know if the word exist. If you don't have the "い" it will read as oshushuu, use to refer to boar taint.

When I googled how to read the kanji you asked for, the search results were for 男臭い.

I think if the context is human, it is probably otokokusai and maybe osukusai when used for animals.

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