I've been watching some kind a medieval fantasy anime and I stumbled upon the following sentence :

Context : A character explain how his clan rose to power.


There are two things, I don't really understand in this sentence :

  1. How does ~にまで work in this sentence ? What does まつりごとにまで mean ?
  2. I think「など」is used to give an example of something but I'm not sure I really understand what (maybe because of 1.) ?

Basically, I don't really understand those "structures" and their potential nuances of meaning in this context.

I tried to roughly translate what I understand of the sentence and I got :

Finally, my clan went as far as bringing in things like a system of inspection, as an annual tribute, in order to gain influence.

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I suppose you almost got it.

  1. にまで: に comes from Xに影響力を持つ = have influence over X. まで here is 極端な例をあげて、他の場合を言外に推測させる意を表す。, or more practically even (it is possible to use as far as, like you tried).
  2. You are correct in that など indicates an example. 年貢取り立てに検査制度を導入する is an example of まつりごと (or まつりごとへの影響力), which is an archaic word for politics (rendered 政 in Kanji). So the sentence gives introduction of inspection into annual tributes as an example of politics.

So the whole sentence means, Our clan that came to have influence even over politics, e.g. bringing in inspection system in requisition of annual tributes.

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